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June 22, 2004
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LIH Zero full body image by tsukasasign LIH Zero full body image by tsukasasign
"Legendary Illregular Hunter Zero" fully body

Finally finshed this a few days later than plann ^^' but it's done bloody mouse planing up alot during this thinking of getting one of those laser mouses the ones that will not mess up when the roller ball picks up a tiny bit of dirt thus ruining 5 mins of colouring <.<.

Anyway my verison of Zero in 22XX but not the Zero in the games but the "Real" Zero from 21XX from a idea I have putting him into the having his 21XX body for a time till it becomes damaged by Wiel's new forces the upgrade from the X clones the Z Clone Army. Thus this being his body upgraded to 22XX tech and design, keeping his original Z Saber aswell as his Z Buster.

Got the bulk of the design from the conpect art of RockMan Zero BUT I did add in some of my own ideas into his design that I hope you can all see.

Added the background image from a wallpaper of RockMan Zero 2, would of been better i think if i could of found a menacing image of Wiel, lol or if I got off my butt and did a design of a Z clone.

RockMan Zero, Zero, Weil (c) Capcom

Got teh main
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NYX-34 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2008
Great concept artwork for the zero series. I actually like this design better than capcom's design for Zero in mmz. This one at least makes him more masculine than the other design (which makes him look more girly if you ask me >.<;) On a further note, you kept the trademark z-tattoo, which i'm glad you did. I like the concept of the z-saber, seeing that you were trying to keep the original form of the sword and just beefed it up a little. However, i think you should have made the sabre a little longer, then it would look perfect! Nice concept, keep up the good work!
Igdraco Featured By Owner May 17, 2008
Is this not the first drawings of the Zero-ideas in the concept arts?

Anyway it looks goooood
Igdraco Featured By Owner May 18, 2008
I mean from the zero series
dennisg50 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2007
Woa! It looks like the one from my favorites O.o?1
Zero678 Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2007
looking good
BattleDragoon Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2007
Maybe the game produsers should put this caracter skin inseted of the 1 they have at the moment (lol).
TheBlueDestiny Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2006   Digital Artist
*is speechless*

I love you, tsukasasign.

Er, well, I love your art, not you. Ehehehe....uhh.....


(anyway, nice work :claps: )
Essai Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2004  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, it looks a bit like the concept designs capcom made of him, anyways nice work.
tsukasasign Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2004
Yeah it was mainly based off of the concept designs of him I threw in some of my own ideas alone with it
yashaookami Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2004
Awesome,I like the design you have done with Zero.Smashing job :D
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